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Next Generation Revenue Management Software


Product Planning

Forecast and manage market, pricing, and product sales data and optimize strategic decisions

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Manage everyday sales quotes & tender proposals, with integrated machine-learning based price guidance

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Tender Central

Get a 360° view of your tenders planning & evaluation leveraging tender intelligence and machine learning

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Revenue Management & Optimization software suite including an intuitive Tender management and CPQ system with integrated pricing guidance. Leveraging sophisticated machine learning models and software automation to help companies efficiently create and evaluate sales quotes & tender proposals and identify optimum pricing.

Empowering enterprises to accelerate revenue growth




Predictive Intelligence

Transform data into business value using machine learning and applied economics

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Plug n Play

Create new and custom pricing rules using simple Excel files and formulas

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A breadth of innovations stemming from many years of research, development, and actual business practice. Focus on delivering sophisticated software solutions with an advanced user experience to the end-customer. Leveraging the latest trends in machine-learning and state of the art software technologies.

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