Cube RM announces funding round

Cube Revenue Management (, an enterprise software company with Fortune 500 customers and thousands of users in 20 countries across Europe, has completed an initial investment round with Marathon Venture Capital to further expand their offering by leveraging Cloud and Machine-Learning Technologies helping enterprises streamline their commercial processes and boosting revenue performance.

Companies across industries, ranging from life sciences, to technology, and retail, are challenged with hundreds ofmillions due to revenue leakage and hundreds of thousands of productive sales hours per year due to inefficiencies related to revenue management processes. Identifying the optimal price per customer and efficiently managing the sales process, including Quotation, Tenders, and Contract Compliance, are core parts of these challenges and key elements of Cube Revenue Management’s solution.

Cube Revenue Management software suite complements CRM and ERP systems and unifies strategic and executional pricing processes helping enterprises to increase revenue performance and process efficiency using cloud technologies, enhanced UX, and machine-learning. The company’s flagship offering is a modern CPQ (Configure Price Quote) system that operates across devices and software platforms with online & offline capabilities. The CPQ system allows users to easily prepare and approve complex pricing and incentive program quotes and tender proposals, monitor and access upcoming tenders, and evaluate the probability of winning against competition by using sophisticated predictive pricing models.

Cube Revenue Management is advancing the industry’s state-of-the-art by employing a breadth of innovations stemming from many years of research, development, and actual business practice. More specifically, its Predictive Intelligence technology, based on a fusion of data analytics, machine-learning, and applied economics, helps customers discover actionable insights and transform data into business value. Also, its Plug n Play Business Logic technology allows business users to easily implement and manage complex business rules by using simple Excel files and formulas. These are then automatically injected into the Cube Revenue Management suite to instantly update the system’s business logic.

The Cube Revenue Management software suite has been successfully deployed in Fortune 500 companies and is currently in use by thousands of sales people in 20 countries across Europe. By extending its reach through targeted partnerships with specialized organizations, consulting firms, and integrators in the pricing field, Cube Revenue Management is becoming a well-known vendor in the Revenue Management market.

The company’s founders are seasoned executives bringing together decades of experience in building and delivering enterprise software applications. Costas Economopoulos, CEO, is a life-long entrepreneur with a track record in establishing and growing enterprise software companies for the global printing and life sciences industries. George Boretos, CMO, is a Senior executive of the IT industry and an accomplished data scientist, having served in key leadership positions in marketing and sales. Philip Kytinos, CTO, has been designing cutting-edge enterprise software solutions and leading large engineering teams for the last 15 years.

On their quest to help enterprises streamline their commercial processes and boost their revenue performance, Cube Revenue Management is announcing the completion of an initial investment round with Marathon Venture Capital. This investment will enable the company to support increased demand, accelerate its expansion in Europe, and establish a larger presence in the US.

“Revenue leakage is a growing concern for large enterprise players across a number of industries. We are on a mission to help our clients reverse that trend and make sure they give the right price at the right time without the hassle.” said Costas Economopoulos, CEO. “To this end, we are building on the latest cloud and machine-learning technologies, delivering the next generation of revenue management software.”

George Tziralis, Partner at Marathon Venture Capital, added: “Clarity about revenue is key when running a business – no matter its size. Cube Revenue Management provides large corporates with the tools they deserve to become more successful and has been received with enthusiasm by the industry; we are excited about joining Cube RM in this journey.”

About Cube RM

Cube Revenue Management ( offers an enterprise software suite including an intuitive CPQ (Configure Price Quote) system and integrated price guidance through sophisticated machine-learning models, which helps companies to efficiently manage sales quotes, create and evaluate tender proposals, and identify optimum pricing. The company already has a successful track record including Fortune 500 enterprise customers and a user base of thousands of sales people in more than 20 countries across Europe.

About Marathon Venture Capital

Marathon Venture Capital ( is an Athens-based early-stage venture capital fund, helping ambitious founders build world-class technology companies. Its latest investments are Cube Revenue Management, Landoop andNorbloc, while Marathon partners’ track record includes Bugsense, Taxibeat, Workable and, among others.

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