Cube RM at the Manufacturing Pricing Excellence conference 2019 in Budapest

Our CMO, George Boretos, presenting at the Manufacturing Pricing Excellence conference May 2019 in Budapest how companies can use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine-Learning to improve their tender business. The presentation covered several important aspects such as tender discovery, management, evaluation, and performance tracking, including real-life evidence from the pharmaceutical industry.

More specifically, it was demonstrated how companies can plan ahead and search for new tenders automatically using online tender sources and NLP, qualify and evaluate tenders leveraging specialized Machine-Learning models, prepare and approve new tender proposals, and track down their sales performance, process efficiency, and compliance. In addition, it was presented how Machine-Learning models can be applied to past tender data to help evaluate the chances of winning a tender, estimate competitors’ pricing, and offer optimum price suggestions to significantly improve success rates in this demanding market.

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