Cube RM at the 9th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum, Oct 2019 in Munich

Cube RM participated once more in the prestigious 9th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum in Munich in Oct 2019. More specifically, our CMO, George Boretos, demonstrated how companies can use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine-Learning to discover past and upcoming tenders, which are relevant to the company’s activities. Furthermore, the same technologies can be used to automatically qualify tenders (Bid/No Bid guidance) leveraging historical information and information coming from online tender sources. These new technologies can help a company plan ahead and more strategically for tenders not yet published by analyzing tender seasonality and contract lifecycle. In a second session, the usual challenges in tendering were addressed and how a company can estimate their impact on revenue and profitability in order to build a strong internal business case for new tender initiatives and calculate their return on investment.

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