Cube RM announces new client for its Tender Central offering

We are happy to announce that Cube RM is an official ISV partner and our Tender Central software is already available on the Salesforce AppExchange! Tender Central helps enterprises to get a 360° view of tenders planning & evaluation leveraging Automatic Tender Discovery with NLP (Natural Language Processing), competitive intelligence, workflows, audit capabilities, and Machine Learning Pricing GuidanceCompanies using the software enjoy great benefits covering all aspects of the tender cycle including Tender Discovery & Qualification, response Preparation & Evaluation, Approvals & Submission, and Tender Governance.


Discover more tenders

Automatically identify relevant tenders from online sources based on product, product category, budget, key dates, and relevant keywords. Using NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology the system can search for relevant keywords with similar or misspelled terms and in multiple languages.

Plan ahead

Review a list of anticipated tenders and plan ahead for new tender opportunities before these are officially published by analysing past tenders and awards, seasonality, and contract expiration dates. 

Be more efficient

Efficiently manage everyday tender proposals with integrated approval workflows, team collaboration, rebates & incentives, and inline price analytics.

Increase success rates

Improve your sales effectiveness by testing alternative sales scenarios leveraging Machine-Learning Pricing Guidance and competitive intelligence.

Improve profitability

Optimize pricing and product selection to maximize profitability. Focus your sales effort on the most profitable tenders and distribute supply capacity accordingly.

Tender Governance

Ensure compliance and better monitoring by tracking down your success rates and tendering process efficiency at all stages.


Companies can now enjoy all these benefits through their familiar environment using the new Lightning-ready native software client for Tender Central. More specifically, Tender Central integrates with many Salesforce entities such as sales opportunities, accounts, products, tasks, and attachments offering enhanced functionality and unique user experience within the popular CRM platform. These are some of the benefits of this integration:

  • Unified sales opportunities management: A new tender can be easily be converted to a sales opportunity.
  • Product mapping: Products can be suggested based on identified keywords.
  • Customer mapping: Contracting authorities can be mapped to existing accounts based on NLP matching. The system learns from previous matches to improve the suggestions made for future tenders of the same contracting authority.
  • Task management: Manage deliverables and milestones using workflows and predefined task templates for tenders using tasks with assignments, roles, and deadlines.
  • Document management: Leveraging attachments and document templates to create a library of reusable information and manage the documents that complement each submission.


Porting our software products to the platform is part of a long-term strategy and commitment of our organization to be part of the vivid ecosystem. We will continue to explore new ways to take advantage of the fusion of our offering and technologies with Salesforce to the benefit of our enterprise customers and users.

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