Optimizing your Tendering business while working from home

First of all, let us wish you and your families all the best through these challenging times during the Covid 19 epidemic.

For many of us, our ways of working and priorities have changed in the last weeks. On the positive side, no more f2f meetings or travelling, might have also freed up some space in the calendar for other tasks. Tasks you had on your list for a while and never found the time to complete them. Here are a few ideas about things you could do during this time:

  • Reading in on the latest tender market trends, capabilities, and technologies: click here 
  • Improving your tender planning and calendar for the coming 12 months: click here 
  • Tender Data deep dive on specific molecules or portfolios (e.g. Biosimilars) to better understand the market, opportunities, and risks: click here 
  • Enhancing your tender and pricing intelligence: click here 
  • Making a tender capability assessment and benchmarking against your industry: click here

With our best wishes to get through this quickly.

Stay safe and healthy!


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