EPP Dynamic Talks | Digital Transformation in the journey for Tender Excellence in the Life Sciences

The EPP Dynamic Talks are highly effective live-virtual presentations by global pricing leaders, presenting well formed ideas on how to shape a business’s pricing and revenue roadmap, with a very innovative format & system. 

In this session of the EPP Dynamic Talks we had the pleasure of speaking with an amazing team of pricing & tendering leaders and deep dive into the strategic challenges of Digital transformation in pricing
and reimbursement.

Download the PDF from our presentation with Nico Baharidis (Founder & CEO of Growpal) on how Digital Transformation can be deployed to improve efficiency & success in Tender Management and discover:

  • The 7 steps for success in tender management for the Life Sciences 
  • How to achieve continuous & systematic learning and improvement through Real World Evidence 
  • How Technology can be an enabler of tender excellence in the Life Sciences

 You can access the webinar recording here

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