Cube RM participates in the EPP Manufacturing Pricing Forum in Amsterdam, as a silver sponsor!

Another in-person global event from our partners in EPP-Pricing Platform and we are participating as a  Silver Sponsor! 

The EPP Manufacturing Pricing Forum brings together pricing thought leaders and senior practitioners of the manufacturing industry such as: Automotive, Chemicals, Construction, Electronics, Food Ingredients, MedTech, Diagnostics and more! 

We were there to share with all the amazing speakers & participants, our insights and best practices around predictive intelligence & pricing guidance in tendering regarding the Manufacturing Industry:

  • The importance of Tendering cross industries
  • Using Machine Learning to predict the outcome & optimize pricing for tenders
  • Expected benefits from using Machine Learning in Tendering
During our key presentation, George Boretos, our Co-Founder & co-CEO, analyzed how companies can leverage innovative technologies to achieve pricing excellence and optimize their pricing strategy.
Finally, a very insightful report was presented by George Boretos & Dr. Steve Laborda, CEO of Valuebizbooster, discussing the current Tender Maturity Status of the Manufacturing Market!
It was an amazing event and a great opportunity to interact with fellow pricing thought leaders and technology innovators!
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In case you missed our presentation, titled “Predictive Pricing Guidance in Tendering Using Machine Learning”, you can download the full presentation deck by filling your details in the form below.
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