The current Tender Maturity status of the Manufacturing Industry

Get an overview of your company’s tendering readiness and indicative market benchmarks, that will help you build your strategy for Tender Excellence

We teamed up with Steve Laborda, CEO of Valuebizbooster, for this interactive webinar to:

  •  Discuss the key elements & success factors of the seven steps in Tendering (discovery, qualification, preparation, evaluation, approvals, submission & governance).
  • Help you compare your current tendering maturity against indicative benchmarks from the Manufacturing market.
  • Identify areas of improvement within your tendering activities.
  • Suggest potential solutions or directions to build a perfect tender process.

To better prepare before watching the recording of this webinar, we encourage you to take our FREE Tendering Maturity Assessment! All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about your tendering activities. This will take you approximately 5 mins. Depending on your final results, you will be able to benchmark your current tendering/pricing maturity during the webinar and also get actionable advice and tips on how to improve the areas with the greatest potential for growth.

The full recording of the webinar will be available soon.

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