Brazil Tender Market: Get insights into one of the biggest & most complex tender markets worldwide

Brazil is by far the biggest pharmaceutical market in Latin America!

Its procurement landscape is one of the most complex & fragmented in the world. The government, 26 states, over 5,500 municipalities as well as individual public and private hospitals, are buying medicines. The main method of procurement for all the above is tendering. To be successful in Brazil, an in-depth understanding of the tender market is essential.

We did a deep dive into the Brazilian Tender market to understand the key players, patterns and trends, all based on hard data over the last 5 years:

  • Who are the biggest tender customers in Brazil
  • Which therapeutic areas and molecules are tendered the most and for the highest value?
  • What are the key trends over time?

Our team of tendering experts, George Boretos, co-Founder & co-CEO of Cube RM and Nico Bacharidis, Business Advisor of Cube RM, Founder & CEO of growpal, and also Christos Katsikogiannis, territory manager of, are discussing the findings in this FREE, interactive webinar.

For Tendering, Market Access, Pricing, Commercial & Marketing professionals, interested in the LATAM region, this webinar will provide relevant strategic insights and market intelligence.

The full recording of the session can be found here.

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