Improving Tendering & Revenue management

7 steps to success in tender management

Tendering is already a big and growing business affecting most industries and countries around the world. However, winning new public tenders is not a “free meal”. With more and more tenders using a combination of price and qualitative criteria and tenders being published on quite short notice, this is also a complex, rapidly changing, and highly demanding market.

In this new white paper from Cube RM, published in the European Pricing Platform Thought Leadership Series, we describe the key challenges and seven steps for success in Tender management based on real-life evidence from the market.

Cutting edge technologies

Leveraging latest technologies, including Machine Learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to search, find and evaluate tender opportunities and line them up directly into Use AI and Machine Learning to evaluate
past tenders and competition information in order to find the optimum bid price for your products

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Using NLP to
Discover Tenders

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The Tender Market Opportunities
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Pricing and Competitive Intelligence
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Pricing Guidance using Machine Learning
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Collaboration and Teamwork in Tendering
Tender Central
Helping enterprises to efficiently manage all stages of the tendering process with sophisticated workflows and audit capabilities. Access to historical and upcoming tender information from online or other sources. Manage tender criteria & scorecards. Create, manage, and get approvals for new tender responses. Evaluate the possible outcome based on machine-learning models by analyzing tender criteria and competitive intelligence. Used by the tender office, sales, pricing, or other relevant functions.

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Key elements for success towards an Ideal Tender Excellence journey!

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