Accelerate your tendering business with the power of AI


Let tender data & insights fuel informed business decisions

Unparalleled tender expertise

  • Deep understanding & experience of Life Sciences tendering process
  • Proven track record with leading Pharma & MedTech companies
  • Streamlined processes for efficient tender management

High-quality comprehensive tender data

  • AI-powered extraction of key tender details for actionable insights: Notices, awards, values, award criteria
  • Market & competitive intelligence to inform strategic deciions

AI technology & software

  • AI-powered discovery & management solutions with advanced data processing and visualization capabilitites
  • Tender central: An end-to-end tender management system
  • Tender BI: A tender data visualization platform to support strategic decision-making
  • A Tender pricing tool to optimize pricing strategies

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Expected benefits

We empower our clients with enhanced tender outcomes, heightened visibility, and increased revenue generation.

Up to 10%

Improvement in tender visibility & prioritization

Up to 5%

Price improvement

Up to 20%

Revenue increase

Our Products

Never miss an opportunity

tender central

360° view of tenders discovery & management leveraging automated tender screening powered by AI and Natural Language Processing, and tender anticipation & prioritization.


Optimize Bid Pricing

pricing guidance

Evaluate sales quotes & tender proposals, estimate your chances to win, and identify optimum price leveraging machine learning and competitive intelligence.


Unmatched Data Quality & Coverage

Tender BI Plus+

Harness the power of AI to make tendering a pro-active, efficient, and data-driven process with a new Intelligence & Data Visualization platform that supports your strategy and decision making.



Q: 1. Who can benefit from Cube RM?
A: Cube RM empowers Life Sciences and Healthcare organizations of all sizes involved in the public tender bidding process. Whether you’re a small biotech startup or a large pharmaceutical company, our platform streamlines tender discovery, provides valuable insights for informed decision-making, and helps you optimize your bid strategy for increased win rates.
Q: 2. How does Cube RM analyze tenders using AI?
A: Cube RM leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) to analyze tender documents in multiple tender sources and languages. These advanced AI models understand the key details of healthcare terminology and tender requirements. This enables them to extract crucial information, identify relevant opportunities, and automate tasks with human-like accuracy. This comprehensive analysis ensures you have all the relevant data at your fingertips to craft winning bids.
Q: 3. What kind of insights does Cube RM provide through Tender BI Plus?
A: The Challenge: Finding and analyzing relevant tender data can be time-consuming and difficult. Tender BI Plus+ solves this by:

– Aggregating Tender Intelligence: Access all relevant tender information from a single, user-friendly platform.
– Personalized Insights: Easily discover tenders tailored to your specific needs and portfolio with just a few clicks.
– Data Visualization: Interactive dashboards with graphs and visuals make it simple to analyze and understand complex data sets.
– Forward-Looking & Historical Data: Gain insights from both upcoming published and anticipated tenders, as well as historical data on winners, awarded values, and award criteria.
– Competitive Intelligence: Uncover key information about major tender buyers, competitors, awarded values, and award criteria specific to your market and portfolio.
Q: 4. How does Cube RM’s tender discovery process reduce “noise”?
A: Our AI-powered healthcare & tender-specific DeepDive search, goes beyond simple keyword matching.

– Deep Dive Technology: This advanced technology analyzes tender documents using healthcare-specific criteria and tender requirements.
– Focus on Relevant Opportunities: By filtering out irrelevant information, Deep Dive ensures you see only the most relevant public and local tender opportunities for your business.
– Extract Hidden Details: DeepDive can even extract crucial details like award criteria, specific requirements, and lot details often buried within tender documents (dosage, form, strength etc). This helps you make informed decisions about tender qualification.

This targeted approach saves you valuable time by eliminating irrelevant tenders and focusing on the ones with the highest potential for success.
Q: 5. How does Tender Pricing Guidance help me find the optimal price to bid?
A: Tender Pricing can be complex, especially with limited competitor data. Cube RM’s Tender Pricing Guidance helps you overcome this challenge by leveraging AI to:

– Simulate Pricing Scenarios: Test different pricing strategies to identify the optimal price point that maximizes both profit and your chances of winning the bid.
– Analyze Competitor Data: Gain insights into potential competitor pricing strategies based on available data.
-Win Probability Calculations: Calculate your win probability at different price points to make informed bidding decisions.
– Guided Process: Tender Pricing Guidance walks you through the process step-by-step, providing checklists and relevant information at every stage.

This comprehensive approach empowers you to set competitive and profitable prices for your tenders, ultimately increasing your chances of success.


Tender check tool

Ever wonder if there are any tenders out there for your molecule/product, but don’t have time to sift through mountains of data?


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