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360º view of your Tender business

Everything related to Tendering into a single system.

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Next Generation Revenue Management

Easily manage, evaluate, and optimize tenders & sales quotes leveraging machine-learning, applied economics, and competitive intelligence

Next generation Revenue Management & Optimization software suite. Includes an intuitive Tender management and CPQ system with integrated Pricing Guidance. Leveraging sophisticated machine-learning models and software automation to help companies efficiently create and evaluate sales quotes & tender proposals and identify optimum pricing.

Quick Implementation

Predefined workflows and system settings to expedite the implementation process

Business know how

Incorporated best business practices and industry standards to improve efficiency from day one

Global view & Insights on Tendering and Revenue Management

Read our latests posts regarding the Revenue Management, the life sciences and Tendering markets.

Gain millions in revenue and thousands of productive hours every year

360° view of your Tender Business

Get a 360° view of your tenders planning & evaluation leveraging automated tender screening, competitive intelligence, sophisticated workflows & audit capabilities, and machine learning

Discover new tender opportunities

Automatically identify relevant tenders from online sources based on product, product category, budget, key dates, and relevant keywords

Optimize sales quotation & tender responses

Manage everyday sales quotes & tender proposals, with integrated approvals, team collaboration, rebates & incentives, and inline price analytics

Make better pricing decisions

Create scenarios, estimate probability to win & competitors pricing, get pricing guidance & optimum price suggestions leveraging proprietary machine-learning models

Ensure compliance

Integrated approvals, predefined workflows, audit capabilities, and sophisticated reporting to monitor and safeguard corporate policies

Higher profitability

Optimize pricing and product selection to maximize profitability. Focus your sales effort on the most profitable tenders and sales quotes and distribute supply capacity accordingly

SaaS and ready

Take advantage of the SaaS platform and integrated native client

Access from everywhere

Access the system from the cloud, desktop, mobile device or tablet

Cube RM Predictive Intelligence​

Machine-Learning with incorporated applied economics, country macroeconomics & demographics, and market dynamics.

7 steps to success in tender management

Helping enterprises to efficiently manage all stages of the tendering process with sophisticated workflows and audit capabilities. Access to historical and upcoming tender information from online or other sources. Manage tender criteria & scorecards. Create, manage, and get approvals for new tender responses. Evaluate the possible outcome based on machine-learning models by analyzing tender criteria and competitive intelligence. Used by the tender office, sales, pricing, or other relevant functions.

Discover thousands of Public Tenders around the world
Automatic Tender Discovery using Cube RM Tender Central. Tender budget, deadlines, contracting authorities, lots and criteria are populated within the opportunities flow of your sales process.

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