Who we are

A blend of innovative forward-thinkers, highly curious for technology, driven by data and committed to impact your business by finding & winning more tenders.

Our purpose

To empower Life Sciences organizations of any size to accelerate revenue growth and be more productive in the process.

We do that by offering an AI-based Tender Management system, specialized for the Life Sciences. We leverage state of the art technologies like Natural Language Processing to help discover more tender opportunities and Market Intelligence and Machine Learning to help manage and evaluate tender proposals and identify optimum pricing.

Our team of experts can help you reinvent your tendering business by transforming it into a strategic, and plannable process, resulting in improved revenue performance, better pricing decisions, and optimal profitability.

Our expertise

We know tendering

Throughout the years of working with different Life Sciences organizations of different sectors and sizes, we have helped them tackle their biggest tendering and pricing challenges, build, and expand their tendering business, facilitate team alignment, and ensure a 360 view and control of everything related to tendering from a single integrated system!

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