Configure Price Quote

Deal making made easy

An advanced way to create & manage competitive customer offers with pricing rules, rebates & incentives, inline price analytics, and machine-learning pricing guidance.

The CPQ (Configure Price Quote) software ensures corporate alignment and monitoring throughout the selling process, complementing the existing CRM & ERP systems.

It leverages state of the art technologies to offer an integrated approval workflow, team collaboration, access to product & customer information, advanced pricing rules & incentives, price waterfalls and other inline analytics, and pricing guidance using specialized machine learning models.


Reduced response time & effort to create sales quotes

Efficiently manage everyday sales quotes with integrated approval workflows, team collaboration, rebates & incentives, and inline price analytics.

Higher Success rates

Improve your sales effectiveness by testing alternative sales scenarios leveraging machine-learning pricing guidance and competitive intelligence.

Higher profitability

Optimize pricing and product selection to maximize profitability. Focus your sales effort on the most profitable sales quotes and distribute supply capacity accordingly.

Sales Process Governance

Ensure compliance by eliminating human errors and deviations from pricing or other policies. Better overview of the sales process by monitoring success rates and other performance KPIs.

Flexible remote access through web and mobile devices

Get all your data on the laptop, tablet, or smartphone to work offline and synchronize once connected.

Key Features

The Tendering Maturity Assessment

Benchmark your current tendering maturity and identify opportunities to increase your performance and boost your business.

Tendering Maturity Assessment | Cube RM - tender management

The average Life Sciences Maturity is near 60%. Where do you stand?

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