Life Sciences

A growing tender market with enormous potential for your business.

The Massive Life Sciences Tender Market

Life Sciences is a huge global market including pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies, and medical device or equipment manufacturers, having a significant social impact in fighting disease and improving health conditions for everyone.

A lot of activity in this market is generated from the public sector as tendering is becoming a crucial part of the overall business.

Based on data from TED* (Tenders Electronic Daily), the online portal dedicated to European public procurement, the Life Sciences market is ranked 3rd out of 45 business sectors in TED making it one of the most important for public tendering.

  • 25-40% Pharma revenue comes from Tenders
  • 70-85% MedTech revenue comes from Tenders
It’s only natural that in the coming years, Life Sciences companies, will focus more on optimizing their tender-driven business to face the challenges and harvest the benefits of this promising market.



Cube RM Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry

With a focus on helping our clients thrive within this increasingly complex and highly regulated global market, we bring unparalleled tendering expertise combined with technology to the life sciences industry. Our powerful solutions are here to help you scale your tendering activities, while optimizing pricing and discovering more opportunities to innovate and grow.

  • Improve Tender Visibility
  • Market Intelligence
  • Predictive Insights
*Based on data (average figures 2016-2018) from TED (Tenders Electronic Daily), ©European Union,, 1998–2018