Market Intelligence

Understanding the Tender Landscape

Understanding your Tender Environment

Knowing your tender market dynamics and your competitors is critical for any Life Sciences company but capturing the necessary information to accomplish that is very hard. Most of the data is difficult to discover, not necessarily relevant to the specific portfolio of the company and comes in an unstructured format across multiple countries.

An advanced AI-based system can help improve your organization’s visibility of the tender market, discover emerging trends, and better understand the competitive landscape.

  • Improve access and quality of tender data.
  • Find relevant tender information using Natural Language Processing (#nlp)
  • Gain insight to market trends & patterns before your competitors.
  • Know your biggest tender customers, their core values, and priorities.

Learn how our newest launch, Tender BI, is supporting the tender management process from tender discovery to optimizing pricing decisions and helps you make tendering a pro-active, efficient, and data-driven process.


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