Manage sales quotes with integrated approval workflows, team collaboration, rebates & incentives, inline price analytics, and machine-learning pricing guidance

The next enterprise setup

The CPQ (Configure Price Quote) provides to the sales and pricing teams an advanced way to work and create competitive
customer offers, while ensuring corporate alignment and monitoring throughout the selling process. It complements existing CRM
& ERP systems and leverages state of the art technologies to offer an integrated approval workflow, team collaboration, access to
product & customer information, pricing rules & incentives, inline price analytics, and machine learning pricing guidance.

Reduce response time & effort to create new sales quotes

Efficiently manage everyday sales quotes with integrated approval workflows, team collaboration, rebates & incentives, and inline price analytics.

Higher success rates

Improve your sales effectiveness by testing alternative sales scenarios leveraging machine-learning pricing guidance and competitive intelligence.

Higher profitability

Optimize pricing and product selection to maximize profitability. Focus your sales effort on the most profitable sales quotes and distribute supply capacity accordingly.

Sales process governance

Ensure compliance by eliminating human errors and deviations from pricing or other policies. Better overview of the sales process by monitoring success rates and other performance KPIs.

Key features
Sales quotes management​


Multiple customers’ selection with GPO/IDN support.


Product selection with groups & bundling.

Access to information

Easy access to information for customers, products, and past quotes.

Pricing modeling & inline analytics


List prices per country. Special prices and discounts.

Rebates & Incentives

Yearly, quarterly, monthly, and one-off . Tiers definition for units, revenue, or market share. Multiple benefit types including % of sales, fixed amount or amount per unit, and FOC.

Additional incentives

Early payment programs, GPO or other service fees.

Inline analytics

Inline price analytics, including price waterfall, to aid decision making.


Approval roles

Multiple approval roles including members of the tender/contracts office, sales representatives, area managers, sales directors, sales VPs, country managers, pricing experts, pricing directors, and any function or hierarchical level.

Custom rules

Custom rules based on price approval levels and other criteria.

Multiple actions

Approve, reject, rework, review, pass actions. Automatic or manual escalation and alternative approval routes.

Approval types

Sequential or parallel approvals.

Sales quotes evaluation


Create alternative sales scenarios for pricing, products and the competition.


Estimate probability to win and revenues for the company and the competition leveraging proprietary machine-learning models.

Pricing guidance

Get optimum price suggestions leveraging proprietary machine-learning models.

Mobility on the go

Sales quotes on the go

Create, manage, and approve sales quotes on the go.

From any device

From your Laptop, iPad or iPhone.

Work offline

Get all the data on the laptop, tablet, or smartphone to work offline and synchronize once connected.

Sales Governance

Track performance

Track down won, partially won, and lost rates, lost reasons, competitive intelligence, and sales process efficiency.

Predefined and custom analytics

Geographical, product/product category, and customer views. Company view including revenue performance and success rates. Supply vs demand comparison and competition analysis. Performance KPIs.

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  • Sales quotes management
  • Pricing modeling & inline analytics
  • Approvals
  • Sales quotes evaluation
  • Mobility on the go
  • Sales Governance