Expanding Tender Data and Coverage Globally – Integrating Tender Sources from Brazil, Thailand, and LMICs in Africa

Mar 08, 2024
New tender sources | Cube RM Tender Management

We’re excited to announce our latest milestones in expanding our tender data and coverage globally and enhancing our offerings in tender discovery. As a leading global Tender Software, AI & Data company, we’re dedicated to empowering Life Sciences organizations worldwide to discover more business opportunities and build market intelligence. Responding to high demand from our clients, we’ve expanded into three new regions: Brazil, Thailand, and LMICs.

Brazil Tender Data Coverage: A highly fragmented market

In Brazil, we’ve tackled one of the most complex and fragmented pharmaceutical procurement markets in the world. With over 5,500 municipalities, 26 states, and countless public and private hospitals, Brazil’s healthcare landscape poses unique challenges. Leveraging our Tender BI platform, we’ve seamlessly integrated multiple online tender sources, providing comprehensive coverage of the tender market. Our advanced presentation extraction technology transforms unstructured tender documents into organized information, empowering our clients with strategic insights for informed decision-making in this complex procurement landscape.

Thailand: Offering a strategic gateway into Thai public procurement.

Meanwhile, Thailand has emerged as a sought-after country for tender opportunities, attracting businesses keen on expanding their presence in the Southeast Asian tender market. With its high-demand market and extensive tender coverage, Thailand’s national procurement website is a valuable resource for businesses. Recognizing the growing demand from our clients, we’ve seamlessly integrated Thailand into our portfolio. Despite encountering challenges such as diverse fonts and languages, lack of space between words, a distinct calendar system, and unstructured document complexity, our advanced presentation extraction technology ensures that crucial details such as buyers, competitors, award values, molecules, dosages, etc., are extracted accurately.

New tendering sources | Cube RM Tender Management

Low- & Middle-Income Countries (LMICs): Unlocking Potential in African Markets

Expanding our global reach, we’ve now integrated LMICs in the African region into our list of online tender sources. With NGO’s and a multitude of organizations such as the UN, PAHO, UNICEF, WHO, WTO, World Bank, and more involved, tendering in Low-Middle-Income countries (LMIC’s), especially across Africa, presents a diverse spectrum of opportunities. Our platform ensures a consolidated view of upcoming tenders across LMICs in Africa, enabling organizations to navigate these complex & dynamic markets.

Looking to capture more tender data & insights?

Learn more about Tender BI, our AI-based Intelligence & Data Visualization platform that supports your strategy & decision making for tendering in the Life Sciences.

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