Microsoft Customer Stories | Cube RM accelerates tender management with Azure AI-based solution.

Nov 15, 2023
Microsoft voice of customer | Cube RM Tender Management

In less than five years, Cube RM revolutionized tender management in the life sciences sector, attributing much of its success to Microsoft solutions. Using its tender management software, clients filter through and locate relevant tenders from over 40 countries. Combining a Power BI interface, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure OpenAI Service, data processing and visualization capabilities, Cube RM has helped its customers discover the most relevant tenders among thousands based on their product portfolio, which has resulted in less missed opportunities and an average revenue increase of 10 percent for customers.

Every year, public entities publish countless tenders for pharmaceutical products or medical equipment with detailed requirements. With unstructured, hard-to-find data, bidding companies struggle to discover and manage tenders that align with their portfolio. In 2018, Cube RM set out to change this, building a tender management software that consolidates the necessary tender data from over 40 countries in a customized format.

“Our strategy is to help companies secure more business from tender opportunities and enhance productivity in the process,” says Philip Kytinos, Chief Technology Officer at Cube RM. “With an advanced, user-friendly artificial intelligence (AI)-based software and Microsoft Power BI as our primary technology interface, we extract key details from tenders to deliver only the relevant ones to our clients. Consider a global pharma company that would otherwise need to manually crawl through multiple platforms to identify suitable tenders among thousands available. With our service, they save considerable time and are assured of the quality of data they receive.

One client was manually reviewing and evaluating one million tenders annually. With our software, backed by Azure OpenAI Service, they only need to review 5,000 a year, which boils down to a 99 percent reduction in noise. 

Philip Kytinos: Chief Technology Officer
Cube RM

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